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Any questions or concerns about catering or event planning please feel free to contact us using the form below and we will be sure to get back to you.. 

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                                       We Have received
  "Some of the best cake I ever had, keep em coming"
   "Russ people are still talking about how good the food was at my wedding, you did a great job..."
 "The cupcakes were adorable and the cake was so moist that it melted in your mouth"
  "Everybody loved your cupcakes, Michelle and the kids said they are the best ever, thanks Bro"
  "You and Lyneka do good work together, keep up the good work, Bless you.."
  "Russ and Neka thank you so much for the beautiful cake"
 "When we opened the box the smell of the butter just slapped us in the face, so Goooooood...."
                                            THANK YOU
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